Oi These Oysters


We’re sitting next to the water with a beautiful breeze next to a small harbor, and someone is playing the flute on their sail boat. The notes fly in the air to our ears, and my stomach clenches. I just ate about 5 oysters, (I would later find out from Duncan that you must eat oysters in February) because we took a day trip to Miyajima Island and the oysters are everywhere. I was starving, I was light headed after a day of walking and trekking and so I went a bit crazy and now, sitting here, waiting for the ferry, I am paying the true price of eating oysters in September. We were told Ronald Reagan ate oysters at the same shop once they found out we were American. I wonder if he got sick. I can’t wait to be a vegetarian again.

Miyajima is a wondrous little island near Hiroshima city with a beautiful water shrine and the famous torii gate out in the water, Itsukushima Shrine. The torii gate is covered due to construction (our luck) but still beautiful none-the-less. The island is considered a sacred island. It feels magical, we stumbled upon less aggressive deer and calming creeks. We took a ferry right from Peace Park Memorial, around a 30 minute boat trip. It was a last minute decision and we’re glad we did it! We took a cable car to the top of the mountain and saw such a beautiful view on Mount Misen. We probably would have woken up early and hike the route, but we dropped the ball and missed the research on that, so we just took the cable car.

The culprit oysters.

The culprit oysters.

After exploring the island and eating the oysters we did a bit of souvenir shopping at the tourist shops.. My stomach was in so much pain that I waited by the water while Chad went to grab a few last presents. During my time alone, a buck came up to me and tried to eat my plastic bag while around 200 school kids walked past me, some taking photos.. of me. When Chad returned, let me just say, the things Chad came back with are a prime example that I was not there to make a comment on what he was buying, like, “Seriously?” or “You are joking right?” One of the things he bought.. well maybe we’ll reveal it later.. but what an impulse buy for sure.. let’s just say it’s not a typical souvenir.. anywhere..

As we wait for the ferry and the sun sets, even though my stomach is in knots, it’s one of my favorite moments in Japan. The music is calming, water always relaxes me, and the breeze is just perfect. A frozen moment on this little sacred island with it’s touristy out-of-season oysters.