It's Been A Long Time Since 22

We’ve hit the two-week mark of traveling, and I haven’t been really traveling for longer than two weeks internationally since 2013. It’s been a long time since 22.

We planned this trip in between life chapters, moving away from the South and figuring out where to go next. I do know one thing, I’m a lot different than I was in traveling in 2013. 6 years have passed and it’s interesting to take a moment to think about myself now.

I’m always going to love travel and adventure, but right now in life I’m craving the feeling of home. I’ve been away from the Northeast for almost 5 years now. Charlotte never once felt like home to me. I am craving being able to go to family parties on the weekends, being in a reasonable driving distance of long-time friends. I’m craving simpler things than in 2013, when I was jumping into Swiss canyons and getting far too drunk in Florentine alleys.

I’m craving meaningful, purposeful work. I’m craving cuddling my little puppy. I’m craving a solid social life, sharing moments, planning beach and lake trips with friends.

Maybe it’s true and this trip really is bringing some sort of clarity to me. Or maybe I’m just feeling homesick and far away. We’ll find out.