Kimonos in Kyoto


I hit my head on an iron lantern in the small garden in the back of our airbnb here in Kyoto. Hard. I ran inside with an irrational fear that I would have a concussion right away. A bump swelled up instead. I was putting out our wet laundry out to dry. We’ve done so many loads of laundry mostly because we’re sweating through our clothes within only a couple of hours. The weather is really hot and humid and we’re clocking in an average of 7 miles a day of walking.

Today was a more mellow day, we woke up later, went to a Zen Buddhist temple and shrine and then went shopping at the mall. We found the cutest pet shop and bought Penny a little dog kimono. 😂 I mean, I had to in the capitol of kimono. Chad and I saw a glimpse of a geisha the other day walking with some well-to-do business men. We didn’t realize at the time that it was a lucky sighting, that sometimes you may come to Kyoto and never see a geisha.

Also, don’t confuse geisha with kimono wearing tourists in Kyoto. Our guide from our walking tour told us they are mostly young Chinese tourists. The trend is to dress up for the day, usually as a couple, walk the streets of historic Kyoto, while a photographer follows you and takes your photograph.

So yes, indeed, I bought my dog a little dog kimono as a souvenir from Kyoto.

We’re planning on watching Memoirs of a Geisha tonight while hang out and eat Pocky.